Several years ago Andrey Agamov and Jason Graca met through the collaboration on multiple projects in the Boston suburbs. During that time they realized they had a very like minded approach to the construction process of new homes. Where quality, design, practicality, and efficiency are the pillars to building a dream home. With their unique, and combined set of skills, they came to the realization that creating a partnership was the right direction to take. Having a like minded approach, allows both partners to ensure the construction process is being done to their high expectations. More importantly, cost never outweighs quality. Both Jason and Andrey have a great reputation in the community, and place a high value on integrity.

We are proud to present Bravo Partners, where luxury, design, and quality come together to bring you your dream home.
Andrey, and Jason have a combined 30+ years in the residential construction business. Please feel free to contact us on our upcoming projects, building your dream home, and for investment opportunities.

From the Bravo team
Jay & Andrey